Next in our startup series is an online platform targeted mainly at students to help them out with writing related tasks. Here is our interview with the Founder of Writefy, Orkhan Ahmadli.

What is Writefy?

Writefy is a platform where prospectus students and individuals can order university admissions essays/letters/papers for a smooth university admission.

How did Writefy start?

In January 2015 I started another similar test company in two Eastern European countries to check the feasibility of success. The rate was quite promising, and we have received hundreds of orders during the initial stage. Therefore, the idea of globalizing this startup came to my mind and I started working on a website design and marketing strategy. Also, these days we are in the process of registering Writefy in Germany, and move to an office in bigger cities such as Dusseldorf or Berlin.

What problem are you solving?

There are thousands of fresh school graduates and other individuals in the world who prepare college admissions packages and still face with the problem of expressing their thoughts on personal statements/motivation letters and so on. Our solution is to get information about their background and turn it into unique stories that appear on their essays. To do this, we have selected essayists that have vast experience in storytelling and writing.

Who is the team behind Writefy?

So far we have recruited 1 employee (Business Development) in Germany, 1 in the US (Internal Communications), and now we are in the process of hiring Social Media Experts and Designers for our upcoming digital marketing purposes. And most importantly, we work with numerous double degree holder essayists who compose papers based on our customers’ background info.

What plans do you have for Writefy?

Starting August 2015, we plan to launch a massive social media and digital marketing campaign. And afterwards by enhancing and upgrading our existing business model, we will come up with new solutions.