Our team at Business Buzz had a chat with the founder of Vault Of Spaces, Irshad Jaleel. Here is what he had to say about their launch and future.

What is VOS?

Vault Of Spaces (VOS) is an architecture and interior design firm that specializes in innovative concepts through adapting and embracing the trends of today’s world in whole turn-key solutions here in the UAE and designs only when going international.

Where are you based? What markets do you serve?

We are currently based in Business Bay, Dubai at the Vision Tower; and at the same time looking to establish our presence in London. We cover multiple sectors such as academic/educational institutes, work place/office buildings, hospitality, retail, residential, restaurants, as well as recreational outlets. We try to be as diverse in design as much as we can in order to spread our work to multiple markets.

Who is the team behind your startup?

My business partner, Abdulaziz Alsubaiey, and I brought into our startup people whom I share similar “fire” with; meaning we share the same determination, charisma, drive to success, creativity, and urge for challenges.

To name a few of the key brains behind our work, there’s:

Aisha Aminu –  The Modern Minimalist – In her world less is more, as freedom is key and seeing through the clutter reflects throughout her work.

Humay Meredova – The Dare Devil – Bold, courageous and loves a challenge, impossible doesn’t exist in her dictionary when it comes to conceptualizing ideas for her projects.

Vazira Narzullaeva –  Zee the Bee – Energized more than any human being I’ve met that’s got her mind buzzing with ideas 24/7 when she’s working on a concept. Each detail in her work has an exciting story to it!

Why are you better than what’s out there?

VOS strives to redefine the whole meaning of what architecture and interior designing is by bringing together current trends in the world and futuristic designs. It’s not just about getting to work on something; we see it as designing your legacy and bringing it to life.

What are your future plans?

To become trendsetters in the region and inspire future talent to follow our footsteps.

To establish more partnerships with other firms in global markets to increase our reach and learn from the experience.

To develop a new culture true to the UAE and incorporate it in our work.