How smart do you have to be to convince investors to give you $1 million? How good does your idea have to be? Many people go to Shark Tank seeking an investment. What Garrett Gee did is not get exposure, but he also “hacked” the show. He was able to outsmart all those investors with billions of dollars under their hands! He found a loophole and took advantage.

Garrett Gee appeared in front of the judges wearing flip flops. He presented his idea hoping to get an investment of $1 million. What the judges didn’t know is that he’s a guy in his 20’s that will do anything to make his business work. He presented his idea in a very casual way and insisted that the judges take a “leap of faith”.

His idea is an app that scans QR codes and has quite interesting features. Shark Tank prohibits entrepreneurs of providing any websites or links to their businesses live on the show. Like any other entrepreneur, Garrett had to bring dummy items to present his idea; he got a HUGE QR code.

On the show, the QR code was used to direct the user to one of the investors’ company. It went great, but the investors didn’t like his idea. At some point one of the investors said “are you here to gain exposure?”
Surprisingly enough, Garrett was able to actually gain free exposure. After the show, he simply redirected that huge QR code that was there the whole time to his own website.

It’s kind of embarrassing to see those billionaires getting trolled by this college student. Nevertheless, he got his way and gained the huge exposure he was looking for; although it wasn’t as huge as the QR code next to him. Watch the video below (and try it!).

Garrett’s part starts on minute 22:30