One of my favorite places in Dubai is the metro train. This may sound weird but it is one of the very few places in our busy Dubai life that we sit down, stand or mostly, hang on being either introspective or observant.

The metro passengers are an incredible proof of how diverse the population here is and indicative of life in Dubai. Playing the game of guess ‘where they are from’ keeps me occupied for a daily journey of 45 minutes one side. On my way back, I try the game ‘what are they going back to’. And I know for a fact that I too am studied by many.

Why I love the metro is because I feel so able to enjoy myself there on various factors.

My mood, my clothes: There are places where we are judged for how we dress and our outfits but no, not in the metro– the metro is indicative of every type of outfit you could think of from outright formal to nurse’s uniforms to hippy clothes to ‘color me blind’ costumes to summery breezy outfits to everything else. As a person who hates the daily decision of what to wear to please whom, I love the freedom this gives me to be me.

Ethnicities: The beauty in seeing so many people from different ethnicities excites me. The concept of beauty, now I know for sure, cannot be categorized or defined. The women I see are each so different yet so pretty and beautiful in their own styles, hair and attitudes. I love places like Dubai that offer such diversity and the metro is the place you get to see this on a daily up close basis.

Introspection: In the train that whizzes by, I am mostly on my phone listening to songs. Today taking time out to think itself is unthinkable. Work, friends and family keep you so occupied; if not directly then online. Time waiting to reach home in a crowded place yet so silent, gives me the feeling of being in my own bubble of thought impermeable to anyone else.

A journey: There are days I feel tired of life and feel alone in this never ending run towards achievement. I step into the train and suddenly feel calmer because I see so many like me who still strive on; may have lesser resources than me, but they still wake up and take the train to somewhere they hope will lead to contentment. I can’t explain enough how this feeling of camaraderie helps me be perspective.

So, the metro is more than a train; it is a small chunk of my daily life.

Dona Cherian
I always communicate better through writing even in my personal life and that makes me believe that it is part of how I project myself to the world. Currently, I am in advertising and dabbling a bit in finance and entrepreneurship. It is safe to say that I am what they call a "jack of all trades". But writing is what makes me tick; I hope to make a difference to at least one person's life through my writing; even if it is a simple smile.