Everyday someone comes up with the “million dollar” idea. When you come up with a business idea, chances are someone thought of it before you. There’s never a bad idea; the challenge is to turn it into a reality. Young entrepreneurs with great ideas are everywhere. The only problem is that they lack the essential expertise to run their startup.

Even the best sailor uses a map to guide him. If you have no work experience, what will your decisions be based on? Pure speculation of the outcome can ruin a potentially great idea.

For young entrepreneurs, like many of you reading this article, getting a taste of the corporate world is not such a bad idea. Even if it was just temporary; which it should be in your case. You can benefit in various ways from the corporate world.

Cash Flow

The top reason that most startups fail is lack of capital. Let’s face it, getting an investor is not easy, and putting all your life savings is a big risk. Why not get a job that provides you with a steady cash flow? It would help a lot to have some amounts of money at the end of the month to pump some micro investments into your startup.


A great idea with a lot of money is not enough. If you’re a student or fresh graduate don’t fool yourself into thinking you know everything. No matter how much research you did, hands on experience beats everything. If you get a job you will witness decisions being made, mistakes getting fixed, and most importantly, you will learn how to get things done the right way.


Who you know is always the most powerful asset you will own. We are now in a time that is growing so fast that you either “go big or go home” (Gulf Elite). If you want to get things done, you have to know people. In the workplace, you have to prove yourself worthy enough to gain peoples’ trust, and when you do, you will open a door of opportunities for yourself.

Nothing comes easy. If you want to succeed, you have to sacrifice. You’re already consuming your most valuable resource, your time. Make sure it’s worth it; invest in yourself.