The first day of school is a memorable experience for the parent/caregiver and the child. Overwhelmed with emotions of fear and happiness simultaneously, both the adult and the child get through the day thinking of when they will see each other. As children, we are carefree and adapt easily, of course there are exceptions to the rule. Some children have a hard time adjusting. Overall, as children and even during teen years life changes rapidly, perhaps that is why it is easier to adapt. Somewhere between adolescence and trying to find your way through young adulthood, most of us at some point get sucked into societal demands and expectations, we end up ‘loosing’ the flexible and adaptable individual that we used to be. Those words become mere adjectives that we use in our resume to try to establish our first step on the career ladder.

Whether it is a big change such as moving a country or switching careers or a small change such as eating at least one healthy meal a day, all of us are reluctant to change at first. At times we need to make a conscious effort to be positive at the very moment we are informed about any changes, or even thinking of making a conscious change. Taking that first step outside the ‘conditioned comfort box’ is the hardest. Often, we are scared of the unknown result that change brings. Not only are we trying to brace ourselves from the fear, we must also ensure not to have have negative expectations from the change. Being inspired by individuals who brought about revolutionary changes, we often think ‘I want to make a difference.’ However, acting upon a thought, any thought, requires courage. It requires breaking the shackles created by society and by the individual themselves. The conditioned comfort box includes hesitation and doubt. However, once we step out of that box and sometimes deal with the resistance that change brings about, we realize that sitting inside the box was like sitting in stagnant water. Sometimes, it is important to step out of the box and try something that makes us uncomfortable. In order to get rid of the this comfort box, we need to get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. Growth, a new perspective, change in thought, are all waiting to embrace us outside our comfort box that we have created!

We know we must embrace change and remind ourselves of the impermanence that surrounds us. Most of us have scummed to becoming a slave of an extremely busy lifestyle. In between the chaos of trying to balance personal and professional chapters of our lives, we have forgotten to redirect our fear of change to a positive channel. We want to be successful in everything that we do. A dialogue of a Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots, comes to mind whenever I think of success. Roughly translated, we usually run after success, we should be running after excellence and success will follow. Change does not have to big or drastic. Sometimes it is as simple as changing your perspective. It can be viewed as an opportunity to expand the corners of the comfort box or better yet get rid of the box! Let’s be realistic, how often do we realize that each moment is changing? Each time the clock ticks, we’ve been blessed with a new moment! A moment that we can choose to change our thoughts, actions and lifestyle in a positive direction. Change can be as positive and beautiful as you want it to be.So, go on and try something new, even it requires crawling at first, remember that was one of the first small changes in your big life.