We live in time when tech advancement is very important for the growth of our community. With the growth of entrepreneurship and the need to fill a gap, a team of entrepreneurs in Morocco decided to launch TechVerse. We reached out to one of the Co-Founders at TechVerse, Kat, for a quick chat on what’s going on and here’s what she had to say.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Hi, my name is Kat, 23, with a Manufacturing Engineering and Biomedical Engineering background. I came to Morocco for a gap year to introspect and relax from the hustle life of Asia.

Interestingly enough, I was surprised by how Morocco is a dynamic ecosystem receptive to groundbreaking ideas; proven by the serial conferences on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine that I was invited to conduct in the first half of my gap year. Within the second part of my gap year, I was offered a position as a biomedical engineering visiting lecturer.

I was enthralled to help shape the first batch of biomedical engineers of the country with solid pillars in the field, hopefully collectively uplifting the healthcare sector of Morocco.

What made you shift into tech and entrepreneurship?

I have always been associated with technology, due to my academic background.

Entrepreneurship, despite it being a trend lately, lays on the core essence of the individual’s need to innovate and impact his surroundings with positive change. At this stage of my life, I can say that I wouldn’t have done it in any other way but the TechVerse way.

A huge part of my decision was the help of my friend and Co-Founder AbdelJalal Ait El Harch, CEO of Derb.io. He had already experienced tech entrepreneurship with Derb.io, aka DebrSellicon, and encouraged me to go together on TechVerse.

What is TechVerse and what do you provide? Why is it important to have startups like TechVerse?

TechVerse is a flexible office and home of emerging technology businesses such as Derb.io, Airmote, and is also the gathering spot for communities like Moroccan AI and Medical Technology Community (MAIMC). AbdelJalal and I have understood that Morocco needed a centralized hub for technopreneurs to conceptualize, prototype, and commercialize their products. We accomplished this by providing rising technologists the hardware, software, and expertise to get it to work.

We believe that a collective of like-minded people will accelerate the Moroccan ecosystem from merely a consumer to a producer. We also aspire to see more independent entities joining our Tech Hub for this national revolution of an active tech-industry. When you join TechVerse, you are joining a revolution. You can always check our website for more info.

As a tech startup, what limitations or challenges do you face?

The idea started from our own frustration of finding a space that matches our tech-needs. There are few, close to none, that are equipped with the necessary elements of hardware, software, expertise and community all in one platform. So we decided to join forces and make it happen. TechVerse, short for Technological Universe, was born March 2016. We don’t see ourselves as a tech startup since we are a collective of tech-businesses that are established and well-reputed in the country.

One of the biggest challenges we are facing is that Morocco has this self limiting belief that it cannot be leading technological advancement in the region. But instead, we see opportunity due to the active human potential and sprouting innovative spirit. As far as limitation goes, we firmly believe that there is no limit to what we can do once the right people are in the right space.

How do you plan on putting TechVerse out there? Do you think digital presence is important?

We breath digital presence. We are basically born and raised in the cloud. The youth are so accustomed to be in touch with the rest of the world by a swipe from their phones. We are authentic in a sense that quality is spread as organically as possible. And we shall keep it at that. We are very open to collaborate with the MENA region for a bigger and more profound impact in our region.

What’s next for TechVerse?

TechVerse is a living organism that’s inspired by the people and the universe we are building around it; showing us her optimised way to survival, and we are open to adaptation and evolution to whatever TechVerse sees fit. Stay tuned with our social media for more surprise advances. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

What advice would you give to those who want to launch their own venture?

Commit to what you set for, no matter what, and believe that your venture is only as good as the talent and the people you’re building it with and around.