Sutures, a startup based Rabat, Morocco, had a talk with our team to tell us more about what they do. Here’s what they had to say about their Health Tech startup.

What is Sutures?

Sutures is a powerful digital communication tool that will allow to produce clear and interactive explanations of digestive surgical procedures. It is a mobile application designed to be used by digestive surgeons to inform patients, educate medical trainees and collaborate with colleagues.

Which markets do you serve?

Sutures is meant to be used in any context where communication about surgical procedures is necessary: individual surgeons, hospitals, medical schools.

Who is the team behind your startup?

Sutures is created by RARZ, a medical startup, which is established by three specialists in digestive surgery.

Medverse, our Tech Partner, is a Research & Develop ehealth Solutions Agency for Healthcare Entities via state-of-the art Design & Tech by which the end user will always adopt.

Why are you better than what’s out there?

In the field of communication about digestive surgery, just few mobile applications are available in the market. They all have a static philosophy about communication. They have a list of the most common surgical procedures and they use templates (predefined images) as communication strategy.

With Sutures we took a radically different approach. Instead of using a limited list of procedures, we created the common logical rules that would allow to reproduce almost any surgical procedure. By using the power of image (simplified representation of the anatomy) and animation (live actions on organs), the application will allow surgeons to produce effective, interactive and customized communication about digestive surgical procedures.

What are your future plans?

We launched the beta version of the application the 1st of April 2017. We are counting on the valuable feedback from our beta testers to improve Sutures before official launch it on the first version of Sutures on the Playstore.

And this is just the starting point. We will expand to cross platform, particularly iOS.

You can find Sutures on Facebook and Twitter.