The goal of stealth marketing is to get people talking about a given product or service, without the knowledge that they are marketing it. Unlike other forms of marketing, stealth marketing is not intended to generate an increase in sales immediately. Instead, it is intended to create a buzz around a product or service, so that traditional forms of advertising can be more effective in the future. While “going viral” was a negative thing a few years ago, marketers are now using it to their advantage, and its efficacy cannot be underestimated.


One of the common forms of stealth marketing is creating fake controversies for a given product. When the controversy reaches the media, it will report on the issue and the product will receive free media coverage. Remember that this is a fake controversy, and is only intended to the media talking. Therefore, in the end, customers will probably realize that it was a fake controversy, but the coverage on the product will be so deep. Care must be taken here as what controversy to pick, otherwise you might make a wrong choice and end up tainting your brand name.

Product Placement

Customers associate celebrities with the best products. This explains why companies pick celebrities to market their brands. However, there is a cheaper way to have a celebrity market a product for you. If you can “secretly” photograph a celebrity wearing a particular brand, then that can be a very effective form of marketing. We are living in an age of social media, and leaking such a photo in Facebook or twitter would generate quite a buzz on the product. Using this common form of stealth marketing will cost you nothing.

Fake Blogs, Videos, and Articles

Another form of stealth marketing that most companies use involves the use of fake media. Examples include fake videos, fake articles, and blogs among others. Marketers create fake media, and when users discover that such videos and blogs are fake, the product involved will get amazing coverage. The current advances in technology allow marketers to control the content to which customers have access. This form of marketing works in the same way as fake controversies. This strategy has worked in the past. Walmart, the biggest retail firm in the globe has used a fake blog before, and the result was remarkable. You should try it too.

Undercover Actors

Some marketers use actors to spread word about their products, especially new or recently introduced offerings. In such cases, people will not be aware that the actor is actually working for the advertiser. When the actor interacts with random customers, they will pass on the information to their friends and family members through word of mouth. Research shows that word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing tactics in the world of business. Unlike the other tactics above, this one will cost you money since you will have to hire the actor.

There are many stealth marketing tactics out there. However, not all will be successful. With this guide, you can be sure to apply tactics that work.