What is Mosaikx?

Mosaikx designs and develops consumer technology, focusing on innovative and fashionable wearable products. We are a passionate team devoted to creating a smarter and more enjoyable environment.

We examined the habits that we became accustomed to in living our routine life and realized we are missing out on all that life has to offer. We feel that there is more to explore in life. At Mosaikx, we innovate the routine by doing everyday things differently. We believe, to start the evolution of changing our habits and allowing ourselves to be better is to think about everything we do, every day. It begins by thinking about the smallest thing we do. Even the simplest task that we do intuitively, or a task that is so simple that we are used to doing, has to be thought about. That’s where we begin to find out if there are better ways, more innovative ways, and more efficient ways of doing things. What happens if we do things more efficiently? What happens if we think about the best way of doing things? We can become more efficient, we can save a lot in every aspect of our lives. Saving is the key. Allocating our time and resources the best way on doing our everyday tasks creates room for us to have more time; to have more for ourselves. To have more of everything. This allows us to live a better life, this allows us to enjoy every moment of life; because we have more.

We believe every person can have a better life just by thinking and reconsidering the things they do every day, to become a better person.

We keep the same thoughts and beliefs in our mind when we design any product or service. Every software we develop, every product we build, has been crafted with having innovation of the routine and living a better life. This is our mindset, this is what we believe. We all should wear the smart, innovate the routine, and live the life.

Where are you based? Which markets do you serve?

We are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with branches in San Francisco, CA and Hong Kong. We serve global markets of Wearable technology and mobile applications. Our primary markets are North American, European and Middle Eastern markets.

Who is the team behind your startup?

The idea sprung to life while Sina and Mahbod were attending the American University of Sharjah for their undergraduate studies. They have known each other for more than 7 years and have collaborated on multiple ventures, projects and entrepreneurial initiatives. Upon learning each other’s strengths and potential while working together, they decided to chase their dreams and make their big idea a reality.

They had amazing ideas about how a company should operate and make products. Their shared ideology was that great products are made by people, not companies. They started putting their ideas into practice by making products that enriched people’s lives and brought about more happiness. Now fully operational, Mosaikx is dedicated to innovating people’s routines. Our team consists of 15+ young and talented people with minimum of education level of Masters and about 7 to 15 years of experience. We have 3 PhD’s on board as well as our research and development team.

Why are you better than what’s out there?

We are one of few companies in this part of the world that design and develop unique products to make a positive impact in people’s lives. We are bringing in new categories into the market of wearable tech

(now mostly smart watches and fitness) into the market. We have been nominated for the best startup of the year by Wearable Tech Show in London and been selected for over 8 conferences across the world to showcase as one of the top 100 startups. Our core values are what set us aside from other companies doing the similar stuff. They follow:

  1. Innovate the routine
  2. Create new experiences
  3. People come first, money second
  4. Develop products that enrich lives
  5. Teamwork is the core
  6. Enjoy every moment
  7. Friendly and welcoming culture
  8. Embrace Diversity

What are your future plans?

Our plan is to launch our products to a wide range of customers across the world. We will try to get them in the hands of as many people as we can to initiate a change in their lives. Our mission is to create a smarter and more enjoyable environment for people where they can focus more on their surrounding and enjoy more of life (this can be accomplished without use of products as well). We are planning to open offices in Central Europe, South America, as well as expand our current offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Dubai.