While going after your dream, you will doubtlessly experience things like frustrations, setbacks, difficulties, pains, fears and failures. It is a fact. But it is when things go wrong that you must soldier on.

Whether you are whole or broken, you have no choice but to soldier on and on until you achieve and win. And when you achieve, you set another goal that is harder and the cycle continues. You must soldier on through storm, struggle, distress, pain and failure until you get to your desired destination. Stick to the fight and soldier on when you are severely hit. Because you can never tell how close you are to your goal.

I know it is difficult, tedious and unbearable the things you have to go through as you go towards your goal, but it is yours, yours alone. So carry on. Soldier on. Do not dwell in the past and in the future. Concentrate solely and exclusively in the present and if anything intimidates you, back up, soldier on harder and keep strong. Challenges and sufferings are not permanent. They come to pass and they are the tools that make us stronger and bring the best out of us. When we are going through unbearable pain and are on the verge of giving up, try to remind yourself the reason you struggle and your dream. This should give you the strength to soldier on.

Smile at the pain and soldier on!

Hibo Guled
I am an employee, a student, and an upcoming motivational writer from Kenya who believes that people have greatness within themselves and that they need constant motivation to awaken this greatness and unleash their inner potentials, so that they can churn out the best in them. My blog is here.