”If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.” Ralph W. Emerson.

In today’s world, it is quite easy to get distracted with all the gadgets and technology around us. In most cases when we tend to read, our concentration often starts to drift after a few pages because a phone is ringing, you want to watch a favorite TV show, or maybe you want to go through WhatsApp.

Even a blog of more than four paragraphs is too much to absorb. We tend to skim and hasten from one site to another without allowing the words to resonate inwardly. No resonance means no wisdom.

Let us monitor how much time we spend on TV and internet, and try as much as we can to read and study something that is of benefit to us. We must stop the habit of always expecting shorter and quicker versions of content.

When we read, we engage in deeper thinking, we listen to great minds, we listen to people who are successful in life because when someone sits down to pen something, they churn out the best in them.

When we read our area of interest, we get the right knowledge. For example, if a Biology teacher reads one book of this subject every 3 weeks, he will only be incredibly smart in his subject.

What differentiates successful people from others is the habit of reading. Those who read excel. Those who don’t always fall behind.

We all have dreams, but a few are living their dreams. Why? Because we are not equipped with the right knowledge and skills. For you to accept the correct ideas and information that will lead to success, you require the right knowledge by which to make the right choices and decision. The question comes; is it really possible to gain knowledge without reading?

All aspects of our lives can only truly improve if we take the responsibility for their improvement. The greatest area of such improvement that will impact all other areas of our lives is improving our knowledge and skills. Knowledge comes on top again.

“Man’s mind once stretched by new ideas, never regains its original dimension.” Oliver W. Holmes.

You must stretch your mind in order to broaden your knowledge and capabilities. A stretched mind with openness and receptivity to new ideas will lead to self growth and self improvement.

It is therefore my hope and prayer that we change our attitude and develop the habit of reading. I once read, “deep reading is indistinguishable from deep thinking.”

Deep reading should not be a struggle, it should come naturally.

The right knowledge will equip you for success in life and grant you the tools you need to excel. You will not only help yourself but the society too.

Read, engage in deep thinking, and succeed.