“Who does not like a like?” In the words of the Parmar brothers, the perceptions of what life norms are have changed drastically over the past few years. Social media has become one of the necessities that this generation has become dependent on. It’s now part of our nature that we take pictures everywhere we go; hence we are keen to look our best at all times. Fashion is no longer restricted to women’s clothing. Men’s fashion has also been popularized as a center of attention. With Dubai being the Fashion District in the past few years, Parmar Tailors was able to tackle this industry and become a success in the midst of it.

Established in 1956, in Dubai, Parmar Tailors has been a family legacy for the past 7 generations. It has received its Trade license in 1961 while being in operation 5 years prior. Unlike other fashion production companies, Parmar Tailors focused on mainstreaming and industrializing production that is customized to requirements. With employing over 130 people in 3 locations in Dubai, it headquarters in Bur Dubai.

Parmar Tailors has undertaken one important aspect of fashion in their production line that distinguished it from other competitors. Handmade tailoring. The blending of “old techniques with new scientific ones” produces an output that satisfies the different types of clients they service to. The company had once started with one employee, one machine, and no electricity to power it. As Dubai is a “ripe market” to pursue, Parmar Tailors took the initiative to stay alive by producing their own training facility to accommodate training the tailors for months, with pay. This assists the tailors in embedding even the smallest details to their works according to their customer needs. Sustainability justifies their quality.

Fashion has become a lifestyle “not because it is needed but because it is wanted”. Specifically, fashion in Dubai has become a very large portion of this lifestyle. Events, dinners, parties, magazines, etc… have all prompted people to look their best. Showing up in style and dressed well for a business lunch immediately gives off a “good impression and puts one foot in the door for you”.  As the Parmar brothers pointed out, men are no longer affiliated with blue, black, and grey. The need for colorful and fashionable styles has boomed drastically. There is more openness to experiment in fashion outside your comfort zone. Parmar Tailors have excelled through implementing a new mix and match concept.

The major step in executing is having the understanding between the design and the tailor. Without that bridge there is no quality in production. Although Parmar Tailors’ production is all about service providing, you need to have the knowledge and the skills to enter the fashion industry as the Parmar brothers advised. You need to understand your business fully and its basics, then expand. Proper production is difficult and expensive in Dubai. You need to be able to cope with the changes.

With 1 store opening soon in 2015 and another project yet down the pipeline, Parmar Tailors aim to open a new store every 2 years in consistency with their expansion strategy. Until then, an advice from the Parmar brothers: “Go to a tailor shop run by tailors; not by businessmen”. Stay Fashionable.