The depressing moment of seeing the pile of new supplies and notebooks on your desk is when reality hits, SUMMER IS OVER!

Everything will eventually come to an end, and summer vacation is no different. Leaving us with all the memories — late night parties, road trips around Europe—we are seizing the end of the ‘summer’. Not the season, but the long vacation and not believing that it just ended the moment we started attending our classes.

When it comes to me, I’m always dramatic and stirred up; the moment great times come to an end. But by time, we all realize that the end of one thing is the beginning of another. Every season holds beauty and opportunities for a better tomorrow if I must say — moving on to the new chapter full of inspiration and enthusiasm for what is ahead of you. Folding up all the incredible touring memories and laying on your bed all day long watching series, means making room for not-so-enjoyable research projects, studying for upcoming quizzes, a new routine or a kick-start to begin going to the gym. Chill, and start your new academic year as your current adventure, enjoy it and there you have it — the solution for the End-of-Summer madness.


As you get ready to send your brain and self back to school, I’ll help you with some inspirational ways to embrace and help writing your new chapter happily.


Work out and be active

We are all still kind of hung up on the late summer nights and the morning laziness. Create an exercise plan and start working out. Maybe an early morning run before class, or an afternoon half an hour walk; by that you’ll activate your brain and body to pull you out of your laziness and enhance your learning abilities.


Make a rational goal

Don’t make a lot of promises you can’t keep. Never set a goal that’s hard to achieve because it’s going to end up by you giving up. So if you are size 10 and you want to lose weight, set your first goal to be a size 8 or 6 and not a size 4 right away. The moment you reach your near goal, you can raise the ceiling for your potentials and aim higher.


Have a thoughtful plan

Don’t just start your first week having no clue what courses you’re taking, the timings, and the classroom numbers; be well-prepared and create your own inspiring environment. Have an idea about what your schedule and routine will be like so you won’t burn yourself out a week later.


Say hello

Starting with a smile and ending with a simple hello could lead to a million things. Remembering the first time I dared to say hi to my current best friend. Well, the only way to predict the future is to create it yourself !


Start a new tradition

You got to carry on some fun during the week. A simple tradition once a week with your friends after classes will defiantly be a positive thing. Grabbing a bite after a long class, always work out for me and my best friend.


Sign up for a new adventure

Look for some photography or painting classes or maybe some fired-up Zumba lessons. Learning isn’t always academic-related. Find a club that is out of your comfort zone, be brave and socialize with new cliques. By that you’ll be getting past your insecurities to your new kind of exploration.


Implement you’re inner balance

I always get so excited about the next big thing like signing up for the ‘the color run: Happiest 5k on the planet’ in November or being part of the breast cancer awareness campaign in October. But don’t you think besides being active, you also need to take the time off to take care of yourself. Write down some things which you’re thankful of— astonishing summer, a perfect health, amazing friends, or even unexpected incredible opportunities that you’ve seized; keep the list in front of your, it’ll let you have balanced and wiser thoughts for later.


And trust me; in no time, this year will be very productive and over soon; hoping for it to be better than the one before.

Rahaf Al Saif
Environmentalist and Artist. Considered a non-realistic painter. Finding new ways and colors to paint with and finding a new space in my imagination is what I love most about my work. First time writer who’s all about arts.