Offline marketing is the way to go. Online marketing has become the most common form of advertising probably because of the ease in measuring performance, and the cheap of cost compared to traditional marketing. As much as online advertising is one of the most effective promotional methods, offline marketing can go a long way in supporting online strategies. In fact, a successful marketer uses a mix of online and offline strategies to create effective brand awareness. If you have concentrated only on online marketing strategies, below are some of the offline methods you might want to consider.


Despite your online presence, and the fact that you have a large community following your online brand, face-to-face connection work magic and can help increase traffic to your site. Even though customers can communicate, purchase or even make refunds online, sometimes they want to put a face to the brains behind an online business. Getting to know the owner personally increases brand loyalty. Remember the goal here is to drive more traffic to your website. In the end, networking will increase traffic to your site through word of mouth.

Trade shows and Exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions increase brand awareness in any given industry. They provide companies with a chance to show their brands to the world. For those without any prior knowledge of your brand, exhibitions will be the perfect way to increase awareness. If your brand is online, be sure to make it clear that you have a website, and have a clear and visible web address on your flyers. You will need to have an attendant at your stand to speak to prospective customers. Increase your brand’s visibility by using exhibitions and bring more attention to your online brands.

Vehicle Wraps

Billboards are a good way to advertise your product. However, a billboard limits its coverage to travelers using a given road. Did you know that you could have a mobile billboard? With vehicle wraps, it is possible for your brand to reach potential customers on a wide geographical area. Wherever the vehicle goes, the brand meets the eyes of new customers. This method is way cheaper compare to TV and radio adverts. With radio adverts, you will have to pay the advertiser each time an advert airs. However, with vehicle wraps, you will only make a one-time payment and the brand remains on the vehicle for the entire period of the contract.


A call is a form of networking that does not involve face-to-face marketing. Making calls creates personal connection between the advertiser and customers. The important thing is to ensure that you have concrete reasons why you made the call. Calls are an excellent way to reach out to customers and increase brand loyalty. Example would be making follow-up calls to customers who have purchased from your business in the past. This would work wonders especially if the nature of your business is online. Make calls to inquire if your customers received their ordered goods, and if they were satisfied by the online process.

Use this guide for your offline marketing efforts to support your online brands. More ideas to add? Let us know!