Get Him to the Greek was a 2010 film, the second including the rock star character Aldous Snow after he’s seen sober in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008).

Aaron Greenberg (Jonah Hill) works as a talent scout at Pinnacle Records, which is selling less at the time, and lives with his girlfriend Daphne (Elisabeth Moss). His life gets pumped full of adrenaline when Sergio Roma (Sean Combs) sends him to London to escort his favourite rock star Aldous (Russell Brand) to the Greek Theatre for a tenth anniversary of his amazing performance there in 1999.

Daphne and Aaron argue before his trip over moving and consequently ‘take a break’. Aaron arrives at Aldous’s apartment unexpected by Aldous who then bar hops across the city missing many of the flights Aaron books.

Aaron tries to keep Aldous sober throughout the day he supposed to appear on TV news by ingesting all of Aldous’s intoxicants resulting in a very unwell Aaron. The more time they spend with each other, the more Aaron comes to realise Aldous is troubled by depression because he misses his son and lacks a connection with his father.

Sergio interrupts the trip when Aldous takes a detour to visit his father in Las Vegas. He plans to ‘mind-fuck’ Aldous to getting back on route to the Greek Theatre. Aaron is given a ‘drug Neapolitan’ after being sexually abused by a drunk woman called Destiny (Carla Gallo) and believes he’s going to die. Aldous saves the day and they run out of the party while being chased by Sergio.

After more detours to see his son, visit Aaron’s house and to have an existential crisis, Aldous makes it to the Greek Theatre almost unscathed.

The acting throughout the film is comical, an extra special mention to Russell Brand for playing the role of a rock star incredibly realistically, and the plot is complex with a lot of different paths that the main characters take.

Although some scenes and language could be described of a mature nature, it is the perfect family film if your children are thirteen or above.

Although comical, the second half of the films begins to show some seriousness through the issues of Aldous and the connection him and Aaron end up making with one another. They build a friendship through Aldous’s self-destructive nature and Aaron benefits from having this well-known friend.

The movie has a good pace due to the urgency of the plot and keeps the audience engaged with the variety of changes that constantly happen.

I would rate this film 4.5 stars, although brilliantly made, there’s always room for improvement.

Charlotte Appleby
I never know what to say about myself when people ask. I’m your average Joe. I’m from a big family and something is always going on. I’ve learnt to appreciate the peace and quiet now. Writing is my real passion; I started my degree in creative writing this year with the vain hope of one day becoming published. I’m working on a collection of poetry, a fantasy novel, stage plays and short stories of all variations. When I’m not scrawling, scribbling or typing, I can usually be found on my guitar. Music is another important aspect of my life and I’ve been playing for over a decade. I also have some weird hobbies like growing tropical plants, fire dancing and collecting coins.