Alexander The Great is an epic historical drama film based on the life of Alexander The Great. It was directed by Oliver Stone with Collin Farrel as the lead role. It might seem wonderful but the story was more about the man’s life and his relationships with other men in his life.

Colin Farrel enters the picture as Alexander at the age of 19. From that point on, “Alexander” transitions to a deeper, psychological examination of the man who led his armies over 22,000 miles defeating and then uniting countries until he ruled 90% of the known world.

The fight scenes in that movie are magnificent, and Stone’s fierce desire to bring as much realism as possible to carefully staged sequences works to a better degree in this film than most historic epics, they are too few and far between. Considering Alexander the Great was known for his conquests on the battle field, surprisingly little time is dedicated to actually showing any of his battles. With so many to choose from, Stone really concentrates on only two – Alexander’s rousing defeat of the Persian army at Gaugamela, and a vicious battle between Alexander’s army and Indian troops on elephants.

The movie received so many negative comments for various reasons mainly because of the casting. Angelina Jolie wasn’t suitable enough to play Alexander mother because she is only a couple of years older than Colin. Furthermore, the softness of Alexander’s personality. In a lot of scenes it made sense. Because he was gentle enough to know how to approach Bucephalus and tame him without scaring him.

His soft appearance and personality didn’t appeal to the critics because they thought that Stone was a such a good director and he shouldn’t have let these details slip.

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