Whether we gear into our day with a hit of espresso, a frothy cappuccino or a soothing latte, we all love the punch that caffeine packs to give us a kick-start. The race-cars of all beverages, Morning Coffee can take one from droopy to fabulous in under sixty seconds.

But while our senses crave the aroma of morning coffee and our body does the caffeine fix, what of the mind and soul? We all know and are repeatedly told that life is about experiences. It ranges from stupendously simple to extremely complex. Excitement presents itself from the day dad got us our first bicycle to the first goal ever scored, first time we were titled the life of the party, to landing the first dream job. But no matter who we are, we face our share of lows. The lows can be excruciating, so much so that rising from the bed in the morning can pose an enormous task. But no matter the juncture, a cup of our favourite coffee can brings us to life. Our private cheerleading squad of stimulating caffeine never fails to jog our spirits.

So what is the Morning Coffee for the Soul?

It is a call to revive our mind the way coffee does our senses. In other words – jump-start the mind engine.

Our mind is the appendage of wonders. The relentless machinery of the mind is the source the great ideas that have built the dazzling multi-storied world around us. In the basic sense, everything we see around us is a product of the simple fact that our mind must constantly strive for the fulfilment of the soul. But the endeavours of the mind are made easier when life is good and a person is at his/her most positive. But when in a slump, our negative experiences envelop us in a python grip, making it hard for us feel anything but suffocation. One may only just crawl out of the bed and reach for the instant mix or the coffee machine. But as soon as that first sip from the steaming mug warms our throat, there is a window of hope. A window to release oneself from the python grip, to give oneself a purpose that has nothing to do with the past and everything to do with being futuristically self-seeking. In that window, we have the scope to cut ourselves a break and commit ourselves to a selfishly invigorating activity. To forget the world and test how committed we can be to our own selves.

Morning Coffee for the Soul is a concept of giving ourselves exciting short-term goals that take us away for a part of each day from our habitual communal and social environment, to acquaint us deeper with ourselves. Goals are the driver of activity. Give yourself a personal goal and work on achieving it, or take up a month’s worth of classes – Learn Yoga, or Spanish for beginners, salsa, or tennis, cooking, anything. The achievement of a goal always brings with it the infinite power and confidence to mitigate the negativities that hold us back.

The Morning Coffee for the Soul is not just a portal of self development, but an idea of combining one of your morning rituals with self-reflection. This will serve as a lesson through life to expect positivity every day, get your mind machinery rolling and get on your way to being your most remarkable self.

So with your next Morning Coffee, let your mind explore the possibilities of enriching your soul. And by following a simple methodology, you will find yourself slowly peeling off those pessimistic lenses from your eyes to see the world as a larger than life oyster, with promises and opportunities.

Let your soul get caffeinated!

Shayari Singh
Shayari Singh is a freelance researcher and writer. She started her career with the Queensland Government in Australia where she was based for the previous decade. Thereafter, she continued with her work for the Australian High Commission in New Delhi. Although the focus of her initial writings centred on finance and economics, her zeal for history and her passionate beliefs for wildlife conservation have been the prime occupation of her zen time. Her interest in quirky historical tales dates back to her forming years, nurtured and edified by her grandmother. She now resides in Dubai. Her first book is due in print in 2015 and she is currently in the research stage of her work on a sequel on the Mauryan dynasty. She simultaneously writes for wildlife issues and is currently working on a piece for Tiger Time.