If life could be looked at metaphorically as a game of Monopoly, then there are two things the average university student can be sure of before he/she enters the real world.

  • You begin with NOTHING.

Face it, other than the initial $200 sitting away in your pocket that your parents gave you, there really isn’t anything you can claim to have achieved that will represent your own independent wealth.
Don’t worry though, that’s okay! Like I said this is just the starting line you have arrived at.

  • You have TIME!

Before you enthusiastically sprint off in your race to graduation, the one main asset you have that you are unaware of is Time. The time given to you as you begin your undergrad is a priceless commodity; if “INVESTED” in the right way, it will lead you to the future you so deserve!

Now that I have so cleverly captured your attention, here are some valuable tips that will separate you from the average crowd and turn you into the winner you want to be!

  1. Assess Your Current Situation

One alarming fact that has been on the rise is that majority of students hardly have anticipated what their futures will be, as they shrug it off being irrelevant since they believe it isn’t something to be concerned about until they have graduated. This is the EXACT mentality for a 100% guarantee that will leave them underpaid, over qualified or worse yet unemployed.

So you want a job with the right pay and is perfectly suited for you? Then you will have to take the first step with evaluating your current situation. Understand what all your degree can do for you and seek the invaluable amount of advice your professors have; that are waiting for you to ask them.

  1. Find Your Passion

Once you have figured out where you currently stand, the next step in this grand master plan of success is finding your passion! What interests you? What motivates you? Where do your talents lie? Become aware of the path which will bring the best out in you, so that the work you end up doing is what you love and relish, not what you regret and get tired of.

  1. Figure out all possible golden routes

Now that you know what you want to do in life, it’s time you start analyzing all possible routes to getting reaching that dream job. This stage is all about Research! Research! Research! Find out the companies that you want to work for that offer the position you are seeking. Dig into the values and history of the company; understand it’s market situation and what sort of employees they seek. Find your Golden Route for Success!

  1. Build Your Time Line By Being Proactive

Finally, the last but not least step in this lecture on how to become successful, is the hardest challenge you will face and that is building your Time Line of achievements that will take you to your ideal future by being proactive. Nothing is going to come to you if you wait! If you want to get what you dream of, you must understand it’s a path that requires you to be TEN steps ahead of your competition. Take part in extracurricular activities that will benefit your CV and impress your employers; it shows that you are responsible, active and have a desire to be productive. Try and associate everything you learn academically with the practical world to gain a better understanding of it. In time, by being proactive during your university years, you will have amassed enough skills and experience with a clear vision of your goals. This will help you get the future you now so deserve.

You know what you need to do, you have the perfect plan, and the dice of life is in the palm of your hand. Now roll it and conquer the future you want it to be!

Irshad Jaleel
A Marketing student at the Canadian University of Dubai with a mindset of an Entrepreneur, Leader and Enthusiast of new cultures. Founder and President of The Student Marketing Association at The Canadian University of Dubai. My goal in life is to challenge myself into learning new ideas and skills that can help me prepare myself to create a successful enterprise that would bring innovation and growth into the field of Business and Marketing.