Why moms are the best

1) They have watched all your favorite cartoons with you over and over again and never complained. Thanks Ma , for watching Barney with me everyday after school.

2) They have gone out of their way to fix you your favorite meal, even if that meant cooking when they are sick. Thanks Ma, for all the birthday dinners you cooked for no restaurant could ever match any of your dishes. 

3) They have taken the initiative of waking up early for 12 years (12 years of schooling) to feed you breakfast; just so that you have the stamina to face a difficult day at school. Thanks Ma for always making my favorite sandwich and doing my hair for I was always too sleepy to do it myself. 

4) They do not only fix broken nails and wounds but also broken hearts. Thanks ma for making me realize I will always be the bigger person if I learn to forgive. 

5) They understand you better than you understand yourself. There are times your mom has anticipated a break down before you even knew. Thanks ma for holding my hand and telling me over and over again I am brave enough to face anything. 

6) They have always wanted the house to be in a particular shape and order , but never complained when you broke the crystals and drew on the walls. Thanks ma for making me feel like Picasso and allowing me to always use the walls as my canvas. 

7) They have the ability to research better than FBI. Thanks ma for always pulling me back from all the wrong things, which I thought were cool.

8) They always magnify your strength and not your weakness. Thanks ma for being my ultimate strength – for making after school so delightful. I’d run home just to see you. 

9) They sacrifice everything in their life, without asking anything in return. Thanks Ma , for helping me understand what the meaning of selflessness is.

Thank you moms for always restoring our faith in humanity, for dressing us in strength and dignity. For teaching us the value of honesty and ultimate love. You are not just a mom , you handle the biggest responsibility of raising children and there can never be enough paper in this world to thank you for all that you do.