“Be a man!” Is the catchphrase of many. The societal treatment towards men is something I find harsh and discouraging. Men are raised to believe to be powerful, aggressive, hostile and controlling. And that is why some are violent against women and between themselves. We don’t raise them to live and love.

The societal expectations of men is not little. The society expects them to protect, provide, lead, have money and material possessions, etc. The good thing is that they are not against this. But as a society we are doing nothing to motivate these folks do what they are doing with more energy, passion and love. We are disempowering them.

There are a lot of preventable crimes and suffering in the world that are male dominated. Most people behind bars, in the mental hospitals and rehabilitation centers are men. Merely because, they lack empowerment, motivation and inspiration.

The world is painted with “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT”, but I feel at the expense of “MEN”. Before you utter anything let me explain. Since the girl child education, the number of boys in schools or universities dropped drastically, if there are job opportunities, girls are given priorities, some women misuse this to cause social problems, poor family system etc. My religion, Islam, is not against women empowerment. I do support it too. But we are pressing on hard for the wrong reasons. We should embrace the differences between men and women and should not be blanketed and camouflaged by radical equality measures.

We should support these boys. They are none other than our sons, grandsons, brothers, relatives, husbands, friends etc. We have the power to influence and inspire them do great things and discourage them from bad things. They need to be empowered just like us.

We forgot that these men are just older versions of the little cute innocent boys we use to play with; our brothers, relatives, neighbors, and schoolmates. Once they are eighteen we leave them on their own to the world full of monsters. But the reality is that this is the time they need us most. This is the time they need our support and want to hear words of encouragement. Because this is the time they are becoming men and are struggling to make massive changes; to help themselves, their family and to secure some lady from being solitude.

It is time you men let go of the mindset, “be a man, be strong etc” and every time a problem strikes, don’t keep mum about it. You believe, the cliche, “a problem shared is a problem half solved or solved” is for the weak.  But if you don’t consult and share the problem, it will hinder your potential progress and consume you and that is why some of you  suffer from mental problems or depression.

It is when you are stuck and unmotivated that you need to remember, it is only natural to experience knocks in life. You should look for the things that motivate you and spark your enthusiasm and you must soldier on until you achieve and win.

We celebrate the beautiful things you men are doing.

And always keep in mind that, you are great leaders, protectors, smart, strong, unique, talented and you are capable of anything you can think of. Go out and unleash your untapped potentials.

Brendon Burchard says, “at the end of the day, you will ask yourself, did I live, did I love and did I matter.” Work towards the realization of great and positive answers to these questions.