Have you ever encountered a problem so tangled up you couldn’t fix and wondered if other people have such a hard time as much as you do?

As I observe those around me, I realize that people spend more than enough time fearing trouble rather than actually looking for solutions.

Whether you’re in high school, stressed about getting the grades for your dream college, or actually in your dream college, yet worried about living up to the expectations.  Dating your crush but scared of making the wrong move, maybe in a tough relationship and arguing 24/7…

To sum it up: you have just wasted valuable seconds of your lifespan doing absolutely nothing but giving yourself a migraine and still unable to see the big picture.

Everything happens for a reason. You had that quarrel with your friend who turned out to be a jerk just so you can understand that you can’t hold the key to life without having few doors locked shut in your face.

Two words: Snowball effect, a lesson I learnt in my Sociology class. It explains how a tiny ball of snow can roll around itself with the use of little energy to transform into an unlimited never ending pile of snow. The more you give it that little push to roll, the more it will just keep growing out of vain.

How amazing is it to fit this theory into all situations one possibly experiences? It starts out as a little bump on the road but unfortunately, it turns into a mountain.

Honestly, I fully understand, respect, and appreciate your patience and strength throughout what perhaps may seem hard for anyone to bear, but without disrespect and purely out of matter of fact: So what?

Will the world end if your boyfriend doesn’t want you back? No! Well… yes, it will be painful not having him around, and there’s always that scary feeling of dying all alone with only about forty-two cats to keep you company while your hair turns grey… But so what? The minute you understand that someday you’ll get over it, it starts to fade away!

Describing life into three simple words: It goes on.

If you think about it, time never stops- it never does! It didn’t stop when you had the utterly slow two weeks of finals that you thought would never come to an end, but they did! You may not fully absorb the full point of time never freezing because of its simplicity, yet extremely ever so deep.

Life is much easier than how it often seems, unless you believe the opposite. It all comes down to what you believe in and what you do not. In the end, it is your life and you are the one who controls it!

Imagine your life as a car, an automatic Mini Cooper, or a gigantic Range Rover, and you’re the one driving; if you don’t control your car and order your car to do as you want, then it will spin out of control and crash.

You cannot restrict events that happen to you, but you sure as hell are capable of deciding how you react to them. Meet someone you viewed as an enemy with a smile to turn the situation around, hold it in your hand and hit the high road. Instead of feeling down, try to practice being positive while handling matters with an open mind and an open heart.

My advice is easy, simple, and fast: Get over it.

It’s okay to feel that life is a bit unfair, though trust me when I say that we’re all equals. We all share the same pains and everybody hurts sometime.

Those people you see smiling can be having just as much problems as you are, maybe even worse, but somehow they chose to stay positive, to stay strong and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Triggering happy feelings can aid you in dealing with unfortunate circumstances and moving on to the next chapter of life. Keep a memory, a beautiful one, of a dream or someone you cherish then call back on it in times of despair and I guarantee automatic relief.

Feel good because you deserve it. You’re still alive and well enough to be reading this, and that’s enough!

My advice?