Congratulations! You have graduated .I’m sure you’ve heard people telling you “Welcome to the real world”. You spent 12 years in school building the foundations to prepare yourself for University. You spent 4 years fighting in University to prepare yourself to get a job that is most likely not related to your field of study. Does the learning curve end here though? Is your educational field trip finally over? Are you ready for the real world?

Keep Investing

The learning curve should never stop; a day that passes without you gaining any new knowledge is a day wasted. You have to always invest to become a better version of yourself and to achieve financial freedom. The investing I’m talking about comes in two forms: Financial and metaphorical self-investment.

On your first job don’t make it a goal to spend your money partying, buying a new car or any other liability. Try to invest in appreciating commodities. Do some research and invest in real estate, gold, silver..Etc. Those commodities do not lose value; as a matter of fact the commodities will appreciate in the long run. 20 years from now you will thank me because these investments will surely have higher value. To summarize in accounting terms: you want to spend your money on assets, not liabilities.

The second type of investment is self-improvement. You should always be improving, spiritually, physically, mentally and intellectually. Take some time off for yourself; even if it’s just 1 hour a week just to meditate and relax your mind. Think of your current state and future, and free your spiritual self. You will be surprised by the traits you find out about yourself, and the spiritual freedom you will gain from meditating, not to mention the health benefits that come with it.

Exercising the mind is not complete with a weak body. Don’t miss out on going to the gym or playing sports. Staying fit will keep you happy and young. Your fitness will harness you with energy that will make you a better version of yourself at different aspects of your life.

With a healthy spiritual mind and a strong body, it is vital for you to have solid and useful knowledge. Whatever you studied in university to obtain the job that you are in right now is not enough. You have to keep learning, for knowledge is infinite and the resources are readily available for everyone. You just need to be smart and choose the right sources and the right materials to learn. Your CV should not be static it should be alive and always growing. Remember that the bachelor degree you hold is NOT unique there is hundreds of thousands of individuals with those credentials, and we live in a very competitive world. You should always be armed with the right set of skills to prove that you deserve the job more than your competition. Finally, never let the book down. Reading is what made civilizations, and lack of reading is what destroyed civilizations. The benefits of reading are countless, whether it is fiction or real; you will improve your linguistic skills, open up your mind to new ideas, improve your creativity and imagination, you will gain new knowledge, and you will find inner peace.

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers” – Harry S. Truman

Abdelrahman Nimer
Proud to be a Canadian University of Dubai graduate from the school of Engineering. Currently working at CUD as a Recruitment and Admission Officer while pursuing my Masters in Information Technology Management and Governance. Hobbies: Photography, Jiu Jitsu, sketching, kayaking, hiking, cooking, Anime, gardening, programming and teaching mathematics. Find me on Panoramio HERE.