What will happen tomorrow? Will I get promoted? Will I find True Love? Will I be safe? Will I survive Leukemia? What is tomorrow bringing to me? The list goes on.  Throughout history, people seek answers: from Galileo who searched the stars and the moons to discover the scientific truth behind the solar system after he rejected the Catholic Church’s teaching to a simple question such as what should I eat today(ps. If you’re a mom reading this, I know that this is NOT a simple question). I personally have a daily on-going inner battle of questions about how my life should be, where I’ll end up etc…

Not sure if you share same opinion with me, but the most annoying answer in the world, especially when you’re so confused and clueless about a certain matter, is “Idk – I don’t Know.” Whether you reached this answer yourself, or your best friend, parent, partner have said it to you, you have heard it at least once, and you can’t deny that, at that time, it was super annoying, adding layers of vagueness to your cloudy dilemma. Whenever I asked my sister about anything or about which decision I should make, she would listen to me carefully, ponder deeply, and then, she would give me the brightest answer: Idk.

Yet, think of it: is “Idk” that bad? Let me tell you why the Idk that got you, and that confused in the past shall get you to the answers you’ve been craving to hear.

This Idk is indeed a powerful tool that most people underestimate. Unfortunately, you take it as a vague answer like these open –end movies where you don’t know, again, what will happen.

Idk is not the end; in the contrary, it’s the beginning to a great journey … an adventure. Idk is so functional in various ways. First of all, it gives you relief since it’s an answer. Yes, Idk is an actual answer asserting the fact that, at this particular temporary moment, you don’t know. Yet, this relief shouldn’t hinder you or leave you helpless; it’s just the beginning.  Acknowledging your temporary position, you shall consider the second fact.  Each Idk is a new-born opportunity to a great journey ahead if you decided to take it. Seeking answers can lead you to journeys you never imagined you will ever have.  These journeys include elation, satisfaction, salvation, laughter, pain, tears and much more.

When was the last time you let yourself free? Free of doubts and fear, fear of regrets and pain caused by these simple words, Idk? Take the risk and try to answer your question. Life is so short for you not to seek what you want. Whether it’s a simple question or a question that can alter your whole life, whether it’s a person or it’s tracing back your whole origin, just seek it. This journey has no specific place or criteria- you are your own designer now. You have the ultimate power to design it the way you always wanted.

Yet, don’t forget the most important two points: first, why are you seeking this answer? You are trying to be a little happier; all humans want. Yet, don’t just enter into an “answer-game” to get your answer. This answer you’re seeking will make you happier. This answer supposes to make you happier. If you didn’t play it right, you will be so overwhelmed by the journey that your question created that at the end of the journey, you may be sadder or so tired to really care about this answer. You, as everyone else, wants to be happy, so don’t overwhelm yourself by focusing too much on seeking the answer and its journey that you miss the beauty of the streets  around you, the real beauty of life.

Second, be sure that you can never be certain about what will be the end of this journey. Let me be frank, and tell you that in this life, some questions may not have any answers. This shouldn’t disappoint you; your Idk didn’t mean to get you into just an answer. The really goal of the Idk was to get you exposed into a world you never knew it ever existed, to food you never tasted, and to people you never met. This is the essence of life, and as they said, “it’s not meant to be lived in one place”. Of all the questions that you SHOULD answer within your journey, you must seek to answer this question: Are you happy?

People live and die while trying to answer this question. They tried to answer it through wealth, power, love, lust… everything.  Yet I’m not sure if they searched well within their own hands.  It’s there, right in front of them, yet they didn’t see it. Happiness is a choice, a state of mind you want to put yourself in. Be stoic, and take the risk.  Go on in this journey to find your happiness, to find what makes you alive. While seeking the answer, go discover this new cuisine that will give your life a new taste to fall in to. Go see a new movie or read a new genre of books that you’re not used to. Who said that you should move physically out of your room anyway? You don’t need to be the wealthiest to seek your answer or to be happy.

Just go enjoy this journey that one single Idk offers you with no expectations and no doubts.  You’re already dying, sooner or later, what can happen more than death? Not much. Just decide consciously that I need to go on my own journey.  Believe that you deserve to know the answer, if there is any, and that you deserve to be happy.  Be this Miss/ Mr. Idk, and see how you will end up.