What if the only way to communicate with each other was to read and understand body language? Body language has become a powerful concept in recent years and many successful people tend to test their ability in order to recognize non verbal communication skills. It is a natural development but it is not widely considered as humans are better at verbal communication. Facial signals reflect what we are really thinking and feeling.

Eye movements are an important and natural concept while communicating with others. It is surprising how we can read people’s eyes and communicate with non-verbal signals without knowing the psychology.


It was found that light causes change in pupil size but at times emotions can control pupil dilation. As it is a natural process, the change in size of pupil helps to examine eye body language which leads the results to be accurate. It has been proven by Eckhard Hess that pupil dilates when we are engrossed in a discussion or our eyes are focused on one object.

Eye Direction

Moreover, eye movements can vary and state a different outcome depending on the direction. If someone’s eyes tend to look right indicates that the brain is fabricating and creating on the basis of the context in a conversation which could be a sign of lying.  Similarly, looking right and up also indicates imagination and fabrication. Conversely, if someone’s eyes tend to look left indicates that the brain is retrieving and recalling from the stored memory on the basis of the context often is considered as saying the truth. .

Eye contact

All cultures vary but in most cultures direct eye contact while speaking is considered as a sign of honestly though individuals can carry out to fake signals. Constant eye contact to examine the person can create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Expert’s advice is to never over study someone with constant eye contact as it can be harmful. Even between humans and animals, constant staring is inadvisable. Looking away and avoiding eye contact in regarded as a sign of feeling guilty which normally indicates trying to trick.

The mouth is a significant part of body language as it is associated with many signals. Mouth reflects many body language signs which involve our daily life activities.


The scientists described, a smile which is generated with whole face and produces creases is known as the Duchenne smile. The smile with tight lipped has a secret. It is more like, accepting the statement but actually thinking something else due to disbelieve. Additionally, it could be a sign of rejection. Dropped jaw smile is an easy and practiced smile than a natural one. The act of dropped jaw smile can be done on purpose as it may be a signal of laughter. The most common reason for smiling without opening the mouth, and with lips pressed together is that the individual is ashamed of showing teeth. Moreover, twisted smile shows sarcasm and opposite emotion.


Admittedly, laughing is an interesting area in terms of body language. It is sign of pure happiness and relaxation. Natural laugh can affect all of the body. Everyone has a different laughing style. Laughing out loud suggests being comfortable and seeking attention. On the contrary, artificial laugh indicates nervousness and tension to maintain the atmosphere.

Head can lead to both positive and negative non-verbal communication results. The head leads the body movement as meanings and other signals can be understood.

Head titled downward is commonly a sign of having a bashful personality or individual is hiding a secret as there is no direct eye contact with the people in a conversation. Likewise, head tilted to one side is a sign of non-threatening and signal of trust. Tilting the head to one side changes the perspective as it proves that the listener is active and interested. Furthermore, head forward in upright direction indicates positive interest with an alert mind which allows into a closer personal space of the other person. Conversely, head tilted downward is a signal of criticism from a position of authority and also promotes that the person is unsure of the subject.

Amy Cuddy, an inspirational speaker at TED 2012 said “Your body language shapes who you are” Body language signals express the original message strongly with the aid of positions, gestures, signs and actions. Analyzing and understanding body language helps to interrelate much more personally. Non-verbal communication doesn’t only teach us how others feel but also, improve our body language as we examine different aspects of body language in others. What does your body language say?