Have you ever been rejected? Have you ever been neglected?

Rewind through your lifespan of every single person who took a look at you and went “no”.

Well, have you ever rejected anyone? Have you ever had that same reaction? Taken a long glance at someone and thought “hell no”?

Don’t frit! It’s not a big deal and it’s a part of the life cycle. As the saying goes: Karma is a b@#*&.

Love, the most splendid thing, can’t deny the joy it brings, a dozen roses, diamond rings; but it also brings along heart breaks and headaches. Your pride falls speechless and your knees go weak. You begin to realize that your eyes have seen one too many sunrises. That serpent of longing slithers under your skin and spread its venom through your veins quicker than wildfire.

Frankly speaking, I have never been one of those lovey dovey girls who dream about getting married, falling in love and whatnot; but today will be an exception.

I understand what it is like to feel crazy about someone and just cannot seem to scratch that itch inside your heart, it’s an addiction! Let me be your rehab.

Love stories don’t always end up with prince charming saving the damsel in distress and living happily ever after alongside their dozen babies. In fact: Most of the time it doesn’t.

Some fairy tales slowly turn into nightmares of betrayal, disloyalty and broken promises. Suddenly, you’re left all alone with your solo performances.

Back to the forty-two cats…

Drowning in regret for throwing yourself out there; you’re vulnerable and insecure now, as if you’re not good enough. You probably want to go adopt a pet, get a gym membership or get your hair cut off completely; a new haircut means a new life…

Get rid of that feeling immediately!

I can assure you that it has nothing to do with how “good” you are. I’m not saying that the person rejecting you is the bad one, I’m not trying to just make you feel better with empty words, I’m reasoning with you. These things do not have rules! There is not a definite equation with the same results, and without a doubt the probabilities differ from one to another.

Think of it as a salad. You can’t put strawberries in a green salad. Does that mean that strawberries aren’t “good enough” for a salad? Does that mean that strawberries aren’t delicious and awesome? All it means is that it won’t mix well with lettuce and cucumber; it needs the right melted chocolate to be dipped in!

Don’t go for a rebound!

Being a skipper is the worst choice for you to make. Jumping from a relationship to another will not provide you with the solutions you yearn for; that feeling of acceptance can only emerge from deep within. Give yourself enough time to heal and move on in a healthy way.

The reason you feel bad in the first place is disappointment. Humans in nature tend to expect too much of each other and soon wind up with a bucket of remorse when they don’t receive exactly what they hoped for.

To be satisfied with exactly what you have at this very moment is all relevant to your own thoughts. How many times have you seen the cliché millionaires who secretly aren’t completely happy with their lives? Countless times we envy them for disposable helicopters and huge magical mansions, wondering how in God’s name someone would be unhappy on a jet ski.

Acceptance is the solution

You need to let go of the reasons why you need other people in your life, and start thinking about the reasons for your own existence. Search for what makes you feel passionate about life no matter how small it is.

The one common feature shared between all successful people is that they always seem to find the smallest of things they can be truly happy about. Pure happiness, not the fake pretend, is the key to whatever it is you ask of the world. Whether it lies with the extravagance of luxurious services, or simplicity: good food, a decent piece of literature, the warmth of your bed, the chill of the salty beach air, or taking a nap.

Begin your quest for all the things that provide you with true delight. Take a long glance at the mirror in your bedroom and love yourself. Obviously, how can you expect someone to love you if YOU can’t love and accept yourself?

Everything happens for a reason and even the most painful things can teach you valuable lessons. Look on the bright side, and trust me, there’s always one.