I meet a lot of people who always congratulate me for taking the big step of moving into entrepreneurship and being my own boss, and many a times they also envy saying how I have earned my freedom to work at my own assigned working hours. I am very glad that I made this decision of moving into doing something of my own, which not only gives me freedom to choose my own working hours but also the freedom to choose what I want to do.

While all this may look very appealing, it comes with its own challenges, which most people don’t realize. I am still to achieve a lot in my entrepreneurial journey, however, whatever I have learnt from the past almost 3 years of my journey, post working in corporates for over a decade, I would like to share that here.

Most people get fascinated by the success they see of the business owners and their stories of how they reached where they are. What they miss to see are the challenges and hardships they have gone through in the journey of reaching there. When you read stories about the success of people, it all seems pretty doable, however when you really have to do that, it’s really not that easy as it may seem.

Working hours

When you decide to move into your own role, just remember that you are leaving a 9-5 job and to get into 24×7 job, where you literally will have no specific working hours to work on. There will be no Saturday or Sunday off. You will not have an option to say that it’s 6:00pm, my time to log off.

Smart working vs Hard working

When you are an entrepreneur, hardworking is not an option for you, as you have to work smart and at a much faster pace. In your own business, you don’t have the leverage of working hard 80% of the time to achieve the productivity equivalent to 20% returns. When you are a business owner, you are like a parent who has to raise their child well. With your kids, you won’t say that I’m trying my best, now if he is not getting admission in a good school, what should I do? Instead you will ensure by any means your child gets the best education and at the right time. Same goes with business, keep asking yourself, am I productive or just busy?

It’s a lifestyle

When you start your own business and you are passionate about it, you tend to spend a lot of time turning your dream into reality, forgetting everything else you generally used to do during your normal day to day job. Getting into entrepreneurship is like changing your entire lifestyle, so you need to ensure that you maintain the right balance in your dream and life. You must eat well, sleep well, and above all, exercise well.

I am still trying to strike the right balance in all the above. After almost 3 years, I have understood that these three things are some of the most important areas that every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur must start working on.