Help, the word sounds so weak and desperate, unwilling and disappointing. Truth be told, it is one of the most powerful and ambitious word that exists. Why is it that, every time we seek for help, whether sexual problems, emotional, professional or any kind of help, we, in our own mind, think we are weak and desperate? Why is it that, every time we seek for help, of any kind, we think of ourselves as someone who is disappointed and unwilling to move forward in life? Just because you ask for help and are being helped does not mean you are weak or unwilling. Asking for help makes you stronger and better day by day, it makes you understand your mistakes and short comings and you learn to face them and decide that you and only you can overcome it.

Unfortunately, the concept of helping someone makes us feel superior too, which results in making the person asking for help feel like a desperate human being and eventually the one asking for help loses all hope in himself. The concept of help is to promote hope amongst the darkest corners of life but instead, we discourage people. We tend to underestimate the power of help sometimes too, forgetting that someday we might need help too. Just like we were helped for the first time when we grabbed our dad’s finger with our tiny little hands to walk and just like we were helped by our friend when we needed help with our homework, we need to help people too and someday we will be in need of help too. The nature depends on us and we depend on the nature, similarly, to live a prosperous life, our species depends on the help from our kind. It’s not an intense topic, it’s not something to think about, in fact, it is something that is to be adapted and taught from the very beginning.

No human being can ever deny the fact that they were in need of help in sometime of their life and they cannot deny the fact that they were someone who helped people. We are bound by the boundaries we created for ourselves that we forget the fact that helping others actually makes us happy and healthy. We would go for a jog for hours, every evening for our physical health, but what about our emotional health? What about the fact that our health is dependent on others happiness, which only comes from helping them. Thus, helping others is not just helping them but helping ourselves.