With the growth of business and more being involved in entrepreneurship, it has become a need to have a place to work or meet. Business Buzz had a chat with the founders of fluidmeet that discuss that area specifically.

What is fluidmeet?

fluidmeet is an online platform based in Dubai that connects professionals to workspaces globally. We offer professionals the ability to book workspaces on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. Workspaces such as meeting rooms, private offices, coworking spaces, event spaces can be found in multiple regions. Furthermore, booking and paying is fast, efficient and secure. For more info, please visit us here.

What inspired you to launch fluidmeet? Who is the team behind your startup?

Once upon a time, the 2 co-founders were management consultants in reputable firm working across the GCC Region. As seniors in our firm, part of our responsibility, was to meet clients for different reasons, deliver workshops and train juniors in our organization. All 3 required meeting space. And every time we needed a workspace, we had to go through similar challenges. First, identify the area we needed to be in, then research what sort of venues offered workspaces in the area, then call these venues and enquire about their workspaces (size, capacity, layout etc.) and amenities offered (wifi, projector, flipchart etc.) and then wait on a proposal, that included pricing, detailing our requirements. After receiving all these proposals – this took hours to days sometimes – we would compare all proposals and make a decision. Finally, we would have to pass by the venue to view the workspace and make the payment due before using the workspace. We felt this process was unnecessarily time consuming and tiresome. We thought to ourselves: there must be a better way! Fluidmeet was born…

Full names and bios:

Suleiman Salloum: Founder and Executive Director of fluidmeet. He is an entrepreneur at heart, having been involved in several projects. Suleiman was invited to join a spin-off of the management consulting firm, he previously worked for, where he helped build the firm from ground zero taking responsibility of training the new team and developing the company’s internal strategy and set of initiatives. More recently he co-founded a boutique art studio in Dubai that is focused on delivering (1) bespoke commercial art solutions and (2) retail artwork through an online platform (launching soon). He has also been involved in the development and launch of two F&B concepts in Montreal, Canada. Suleiman has advised Government Entities and large private organizations across the GCC and Middle East in large multipurpose engagements on management, strategy, planning, performance management and corporate financial investments.

Jareer Oweimrin: Founder and Executive Director of fluidmeet. Jareer has worked in entrepreneurial settings for most of his professional career. He led the new market business development in Bahrain for a large transnational pharmaceutical company. He has established entrepreneurial ventures, such as an online platform that connects MBA graduates with short term business projects. He is also the founder and director of one of the largest student business consultancies in the Middle East. Jareer has also served as a management advisor for an entrepreneurial consulting firm which had engagements with Government organization, Government related entities, and private companies. He has led multiple large scale consulting engagements and managed large teams.

Why are you better than what’s out there?

Time saved – by using fluidmeet you save time on the following elements: performing research, awaiting priced proposals, comparison of proposals. All these elements are automated with fluidmeet and you can research and compare workspaces within minutes instead of hours or days!

Money saved – all workspaces are listed on fluidmeet at guaranteed lowest prices. Before the listing of workspaces, fluidmeet negotiates all prices down with our partnering hosts to offer workspace seekers the lowest prices possible that are fair to the host as well.

Simplicity – booking or enquiring for a workspace using fluidmeet is simple and fast, and best of all, you do not have to interact with any individuals since the whole process is automated. Similar to ordering food, taxis or booking an apartment or hotel room online – now you can book or enquire for workspaces online as well.

Security – fluidmeet runs on a secure server and its payment gateway is heavily protected. This means that you are totally secure when browsing our site and when making payments.

What are your future plans?

Fluidmeet has expanded its service lines into the following four categories: coworking spaces, meeting spaces, private office space, and event spaces. We have begun to roll out our services across the GCC and will continue to MENA and beyond! These are exciting times for fluidmeet.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs?

Stay focused on the anticipated result.

Teamwork is crucial as the founding team will become almost like a married couple, and divorce is not an option.

Be prepared to sacrifice a lot i.e. time, money, and social/personal life.