With over 3,000 licensed advocates and legal consultants in Dubai alone, you have a wealth of choices for legal assistance. But is this too much of a good thing? With so many choices, anyone looking for legal help in the UAE has a few significant hurdles to overcome.

It takes a long time to find a good lawyer

“I’ll just look someone up on the Internet.”

Even with the vast number of available lawyers, legal representation is often not easy to find. A Google search offers a confusing assortment of names, websites and legal databases. More than half of the law firms in the UAE do not even have a website. How can you find enough information to make an informed decision? How can you know the information you are finding is reliable? Choosing a lawyer or firm can be like gambling with your legal security.

The hassle does not end when you have finally chosen a law firm. There are still delays. Each phone call to your new firm can cost you days while you wait for a call back. You still know nothing about the attorney who will serve you. Is he experienced in your area of concern? Will he treat your situation as a priority?

Referral systems don’t work for lawyers

“It’s okay. Someone gave me the name of a great lawyer he used a few months ago.”

You know someone who was fortunate enough to find a lawyer who was perfect for his situation. That’s great ¬– for your friend. There are innumerable variations in legal expertise and experience. The lawyer who was a genius with your friend’s property issue would be utterly useless to you if your question is about employment law.

Meeting arrangements are a hassle

“I have a list of a few firms that look good. I’ll interview them and pick the best one.”

There is nothing like a face-to-face interview to help decide which lawyer will be best for you – right? We know that lawyers charge large fees for their time, but how much is your time worth? Each meeting you arrange is going to cost you time: time to phone the firm to book the meeting, time off work or away from your other responsibilities, time that you must actually go to the office of your lawyer, time to fight traffic, time to park your car, and of course time to interview your attorney.

How many lawyers were you going to interview?

Legal consultations are expensive

“I’ve found a lawyer that looks promising. I’ve scheduled a consultation.”

You have taken the gamble and selected a lawyer. Now it’s time to sit down with him and talk about your problem.

Are you prepared to pay for that?

You can expect a legal consultation in the UAE to cost around AED 1,500 (about $400 USD) per hour. One hour is all the time your promising new lawyer will give you. In that time you will need to describe your problem, ask your questions, and hope that he will give advice or assurance to make the transaction worthwhile.

The risk to you is only just beginning. You may find that you have paid a significant fee to a lawyer who is unsuitable for your situation. You may discover that you have committed yourself to someone you may not even care to do business with. What if there are language concerns and you can’t understand his advice? What if he is not experienced enough in your legal issue or does not seem to care about your concerns?

What if I only need information?

“I don’t even know if I need a lawyer. I just have questions.”

The above difficulties are challenging enough when you know you need legal advice. But what if you just need information? How can you find reliable answers for legal questions you have? Are you ready to browse endless websites to find tons of inconsistent information? Or you are going to pay the lawyer just to realize that you don’t need his services?

How to find the right lawyer

With so many choices and questions to consider, finding the right lawyer or trustworthy advice for your own personal situation may seem like a daunting task.

Don’t be discouraged. Help is available.

Legal Advice Middle East has turned the tables. The unique online platform lets attorneys promote themselves to consumers. This ensures that potential clients don’t waste countless hours tracking down lawyers who have too much work already or who don’t even practise the area of their particular legal need. Attorneys build their profiles, earn ratings and acquire new clients by sharing their knowledge and experience with customers.

Now, all you have to do is to submit your enquiry on LegalAdviceME and get free advice from the lawyer interested in solving your particular legal issue. Or you can find lawyers in the directory, compare their ratings and select them by office location, practice area or language. Check the legal articles and previous answers of shortlisted lawyers to see how they’ve dealt with similar issues of other clients, before getting in touch with those who seem the best for you.

Searching for the right lawyer or legal advice does not need to be a gamble. There is a better way. You just need to know who to ask. Legal Advice Middle East makes the process easy, so you can get back to the life you love.

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