Just like any other job role or profession, before the company allows you to work with them, they will want to question you face to face, to why they should take you in.

These set of questions that they will ask you is not just to test your confidence levels, but the skills you possess as well, and how you would apply them, in any kind of task that is assigned. The questions asked can be starting from a broad collection beginning with a brief introduction of yourself all the way to the knowledge you have of the firm. But mostly it is about YOU! And what makes YOU stand out from the rest.

From my experiences at these interviews, there are five main questions I deduced that the employers are fond of asking you. And I shall discuss below the questions to how you should prepare for them, so that you make a good impression to the managers.

  1. Describe yourself
    Here what the employer wants to know is not your name and age, as it’s already there on the CV, but your current position. This means whether you are a student (full time/part time/gap year), the university you are learning at, the course you study, your previous workplace and any particular interests and hobbies you have. By pointing out your interests this displays to them that you have a balance between your work and social life. Remember balancing your priorities out, is a key point. This will show them you are sensible and that you have reasonable idea on how you should spend your time wisely. They will also ask you questions from your CV about your previous engagements and what you learnt from them.
  2. Why did you choose to major in that course?
    The course you are pursuing your higher education in, is a valuable asset to them. They want to know what made YOU choose that course and how it would benefit YOU in the future. So I recommend you to reread your personal statements that you submitted to your universities again, to remind yourself why you chose that course. Or look up on the internet how the course you are majoring in, plays an important function in the business world; together with the opportunities arisen from learning that course and how it would help you in a stable future. Though you should already know this from your previous searches.
    But remember they want to hear YOUR voice and what influenced YOU to take up that subject.
  3. Tell me how your major relates to our company
    Companies usually prefer if you know a little bit about their firm and the departments they operate in. This will give them an impression that you have an idea of what work to expect while interning there for a couple of weeks. If you go into the interview with not even the slightest clue of how they conduct their business. Then not only will this leave them in doubt, but show them that you yourself don’t know what you want. I recommend you look up their website, read around the webpages, see which departments interest you, find articles about their company and how they are doing so far in their niche or mass market. But you should have already done this before you sent your application form.
  4. Why should we hire you?
    This is one of the most important questions that you should answer to them in confidence. Remember this is where you are selling yourself to them. Tell them what your qualities are and how you would apply them to any task given to you. Let them know that you are also constantly willing to learn new things, because that’s also a main reason why your there. Fundamentally give them the best of you there is! That does not mean you lie about yourself, as that would reflect on the work you submit. But to give an honest explanation persuading them that you are willing to work to the absolute max to produce the best standards possible for them. Just keep in mind that practice makes perfect.
  5. What do you aim to achieve while being here?
    Employers would want to know, how by you interning with their company would benefit yourself later on. Plus how the innovative things that you learn from their establishment, would help you with your course.

Summing up, whatever profession you want to get experience in. Just remember your initial impression will be their first impression of you! So you better make it something.

Ifrah George
Undergraduate Law Student at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. Completed IB diploma from Emirates International School (Dubai). I enjoy setting targets, reaching them, and then pushing the limit even further to test my capacity. Moral I live by is from the famous quote by Maya Angelou - Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.