“Dreams are the way to the impossible”, they said. “Dream big to achieve more than you imagined”, others claimed. That’s really interesting and impressive. But if we stop a while and really think about it, is it true that dreams always lead to success? And when saying dreams in this article, I mean the daydreams, not the dreams while sleeping!
There is no doubt that daydreaming is important in our lives. It is a part of our minds and souls. Actually, we can never get rid of dreams whatever we do. A question may raise here: “Why do you try to get rid of it? Are you insane?” Well, the answer is “No” for both questions: No I don’t think of getting rid of dreams, and no I am not insane. My point here is that, not always dreams put a positive impact on us. There is a negative side about mis-dreaming which some people suffer from sometimes without even feeling it. They dream very big, every time and every minute. God they are dreaming even while working! They think that it’s ok because success comes from big dreams. Yes that’s right, BUT it doesn’t mean we spend days and nights living in another world of imagination and go deep inside in a way that we start to believe that it is real! This kind of over-thinking and over-dreaming is a dangerous way that might lead you down when you start to realize that nothing of your dreams happened yet. This may then let you feel desperate and discouraged. That’s so not what we mean by saying that dreams are the way to success.

Let’s be clear here, dreaming is different than over-dreaming. It’s wise to be logical and reasonable in your dreams. Dream about things that you believe in, things that you feel it live inside you, things that your heart is telling you that this thing is going to be happening one day, and you can really feel it. These kinds of dreams usually give you the clear picture of what you want from your career life, and where you’re finding yourself in the future. And most importantly it gives you the will, the strong desire, the total confidence, the encouragement, and the passion, that you really love that future picture of you and strongly want to go down that road and nowhere else, and knowing that you will succeed no matter what. After that you start to draw a plan to reach that goal and work really hard to achieve it, putting ahead of you the dream that will keep you strong and patient. This is what real dreams are about. It’s not only sitting on a couch every day picturing yourself as a successful person while you do nothing. Being successful is about dreaming, then doing, doing, and doing.


So, stop drowning in the illusions, and stop it now. Dream big but wisely. Be reasonable and real. Draw a plan and start working on it immediately. This is what the successful does. This is how in the past we dreamt about cars, planes, computers, mobile phones, Internet, and so many other things we never thought it would happen; but it did happen by people who believed in the impossible and struggled to go even beyond the impossible.

This gives us the hope that, everything we call an impossible today can be a real someday in the future. This can happen by believing people with big dreams and more actions than inactions. Who knows, you might be one of these people. Just dream, do, do, and do again until you are done and the impossible is reached.


Photo credit: Photofurl.com