As a business owner, time quickly becomes your most precious and fleeting commodity. After the sleepless nights add up, you realize that you will have to make a choice: hire an in-house employee or use a freelancer. In the beginning, choosing a freelancer can be a better investment because of lower costs and ease of schedule. Save effort, time, and, most importantly, money by choosing the best freelancer with these tips.

Know what you need help with and state that clearly
Because this is a virtual relationship, knowing exactly what you need is vital for a successful partnership. If you are unsure of what you need done, then it is hard to find someone to fill that position! Being completely upfront with all your needs, timeline, and budget will makes things easier when you hire the perfect freelancer.

Choosing a site to hire a freelancer
Just picking what site to use for finding freelancers can be almost as daunting as hiring the freelancer himself. Sites like The Crowder can help make this decision a bit easier. The Crowder, and sites similar to it, help you review sites to make sure you are getting the one that best fits your needs. They have different categories including design and content to help you make a better decision.

Narrow down the search
Depending on your job field, you could get dozens of bids in the first hour. On some bids, you might be tempted by the low bid price; make sure you aren’t blinded by the low price and that the freelancer can also deliver satisfying work. No matter how cheap a bid, if they aren’t giving you what you need, it is money waster!

Look at each bidder’s profile to see if they have the necessary qualifications and experience in the required field. Sites like and allow you to easily review the freelancer’s past work history and recommendations to help get a better gauge of their work ethic and results.

Interview and set timelines
Once you have picked your favorites, begin interviewing them. Talk about timelines, setting milestones, and what you want the end product to be. When hiring, you want to have great communication and share your goals and objectives for the project. They cannot deliver if you do not communicate!

Conduct a test
Once you have narrowed down the hiring field, you can ask your potential freelancer to prove themselves with a short test (but be fair and pay for this test). That way, you can go into the relationship a little more relaxed, knowing that your freelancer is able to complete a sample task similar to the one you need!

Once you have found the perfect freelancer (or freelancers!) to do the job, you will be amazed at the amount of free time you now have to keep growing your company.