The Hyundai Veloster is a very confusing little car. It was built by Hyundai to mark the start of an era that uses new funky lines and radical looks on their affordable cars. So how does the Veloster fit together and what makes it so different? Let’s look at how the car looks, what sort of performance the engine has and how it behaves on the road.


The exterior of this car makes it stand out on the road unlike many other cars. With a wide and mean front, a weird yet intriguing rear and its slanted roofline, it’s hard to just identify what it really is. When you look at its 2+1 door arrangement it makes it even more confusing yet so interesting that no matter where you stop it grabs everybody’s attention immediately. Its color options consists of very bright and attention grabbing variations like the bright green version that I have. The cockpit inside also resembles very modern design it comes standard with a 7 inch touch screen with a Bluetooth system and an Ipod plug, the interior feels and looks much more expensive than it really is. Although the best part of the interior has to be the ignition button which is located at the bottom of the dash with the whole button arrangement designed to lead down to it.


Now that we have covered the looks of the car let’s have a look at what performance does the little engine provide and how the car feels on the road. The car comes with 2 engines; a 1.6 naturally aspirated I4 engine that produces 138 BHP and a 1.6 turbo charged engine that produces 183 BHP. Unfortunately at the moment the UAE only receives the regular 1.6 model but there are plans to bring the Turbo version very soon. The 138 BHP engine is not a bad engine, it has to really be pushed and revved out to gain any serious performance but once you get it going you will be surprised with what the car has to offer. The brakes on the car are small but powerful enough to safely stop and control your breaking at any speed, eventually after repetitive hard breaking do we feel a bit of wear but within 10 minutes they are back to normal. The car comes with a Double-Clutch gearbox which is designed inside the Hyundai factory. It’s a decent transmission especially when you control the shifts yourself in tiptronic mode. Finally a car to be any good has to corner well specially if it’s not too fast in a straight line and thankfully the Veloster is rather impressive in corners. Hyundai has fit it with high performance cornering tires and a suspension set to be a bit harder on the road helps this car really excel in corners so much so that you will fail the car before the car fails you on a tight and curvy road.


During the last year we took the car on a road trip from Dubai to Al Ain to the top of the mountain and it was just a charm to drive. Before we set out we pumped up the tires, filled up the tank and we were on our way. On the highway the cruise control helped us just effortlessly cover the miles in comfort and style barely consuming any fuel. Once we arrived at the foothill of Jabal Hafeet we stopped to just take a break, take a few pictures and get mentally prepared for the driving sessions ahead. Within 10 minutes we were all ready, sat into the car, switched off the AC and flipped into Tiptronic mode. The only thing I can say is that this little car had me speechless at times when I had thought I would just slide off the road and or spin out it just held its own, its tiny brakes were good enough to get me through the cool mountain air and the high revving engine meant that I can really get onto it while heading up the straights. Harder corners the tires would squeal for grip but would never let down and before we knew it we were at the top completely safe and with our bodies pumped with adrenaline. We could not pass the opportunity to do this again so we turned around and drove for the next 2 hours just up and down the mountain. Eventually when it was time to leave we put it back into Automatic mode, filled up the gas and set off slowly back home to mark an end to an epic trip with the little feisty Veloster.


So to conclude, the Hyundai Veloster is a very confused car with its funky exterior, weird door setup and its mixed performance outputs. Although when we put them all together and look at how affordable the car is you realize that it is more than a good bargain. It keeps you happy every single day and with its small engine it will not dig a hole in your wallet for fuel. The good safety features and the 5 star NCAAP rating will also keep the parents happy and relaxed knowing you are well taken care of. This is definitely a car that is worth your time and attention if you don’t believe me take it for a test drive and you will see for yourself.

Dino Skikic
I am a student at the Canadian University of Dubai studying Environmental Health Management. Ive lived in Dubai for 13 years but I am originally from Bosnia. I have always had a passion for sports, cars and debating. These hobbies always pushed me to want to work for a big Car magazine or to be a lawyer someday preferably an Environmental Lawyer. Since I was a kid I have always been into writing articles and essays on all sorts of topics and arguments.