Relationships in general provide us a security which we should find within ourselves and not go looking out for somewhere else or in someone else. Most girls tend to live in relationships which would only come into existence in the future, they sit and plan their dream marriage and the qualities they are seeking in their dream boy/husband and due to which, they almost always forget to give attention to themselves.

Planning your future is one thing and trying to live in your future is another. Most of us do not think twice before putting on hold – our lives, our choices, our ambition only to please the person who would be a part of our life in the future. Instead of obsessing over the kind of person you would want to be in the future, start being that person today.

As much as I love to believe in fairy tales, I do know the reality of life; that with your highs, you have your lows. This is in reference to – a broken marriage, an unhappy husband, sudden death, etc. What do we do then, when the castle we start building at an early age comes crashing down?

Therefore my friends, I ask of you to be prepared for the worst – and maybe we can never be prepared. But at least you would have the comfort that you have done your bit. Your life, your ambition, your choices SHOULD NOT be put to hold or be driven by another person.

I request you all, to face your fears today, find beauty not only in your surroundings but also in yourself. Embrace your positives as well as your negatives. Go ahead; wear that red dress hanging in your wardrobe. Pursue the job that you feared the most, and most of all learn to enjoy life on your own. Remember you are beautiful; you are enough and know life would only give back to you, what you ask of it.

So, ready, set – present.