Business Buzz had a quick chat with Buzinessware to talk about IaaS. They answered a few questions to help us understand their services and they do.

Can you tell us about Buzinessware what services you provide?

We are Cloud computing specialists based in Dubai, offering Cloud infrastructure across all platforms such as VMWare, Microsoft Azure and more. We also provide other related services including dedicated servers, colocation and peering.

In fact, we are the only infrastructure services (IAAS) provider in the Middle East connected with both UAE ISP’s Du & Etisalat, operating from multiple data centres in Dubai, as well as international carriers with independent ipv4 & ipv6 address space.

What do you think of the internet-based startups of the UAE?

It is a mushrooming market here in the UAE and in the last couple of years we have seen numerous internet based startups clawing at the potential market in order to capture it, but only a few so far have managed to succeed and continue to grow their success.

Looking at the growth of the online industry in the region, how will this affect IaaS demand?

IaaS demand has always been there, the only difference now will be that companies in the online industry can enjoy the services within the region instead of having their services come from offshore companies and servers.

Your services don’t need the physical presence of the client/customer. How are you better than the various IaaS providers worldwide?

We are better than worldwide providers with the fact that we provide infrastructure running from our UAE data centers, which no other provider does. We are physically present in Dubai, which makes it easier for customers to visit us and sit and plan their infrastructure with us in order to get the maximum out of their investments. These things cannot be done with off-shore providers.

What are the advantages of hosting local vs hosting with global providers such as GoDaddy?

Right off the bat you get 30% increased performance, you also get better data security as all data remains local. Support is local and the environment is tailored to local market needs.

What should businesses look for when setting up their internet and server requirements?

The main thing they should look for is platform support: where are the servers going to be based? What is the target market they need to be catering to Businesses need a service provider that can offer optimal server configuration and cost options, as well as high levels of efficient customer service to ensure their needs are being met.

How much does local hosting cost a business annually? How big are these savings compared to the international providers?

More than just the price difference, it is what they get in return, this is much more important. As a provider, we charge as close as possible to the international market but the value proposition of using us is higher than any other service provider when you take into account speed and performance, support and costs.

What kind of companies do you work with?

We work with all kinds of companies across many different sectors and sizes including startups, group companies, small and medium companies, online ventures, Government and semi-government departments.