Patience. Uniqueness. Delivery. The three essentials to succeed in your business, according to Mr. Bilal Arpaci, Marketing Manager, Turkish Airlines – Abu Dhabi. From his professional experience and understanding of the field of Marketing, Mr. Bilal shares some tips and secrets that can help you, current and future entrepreneurs, take your business to the next level.


The Marketing plan of your business model is a critical aspect that can impact greatly on your success. Different sectors of the business world require different “needs”, one might say, to determine strategies and techniques. According to Mr. Bilal, one major factor remains most important: Your Target Market; once you have determined that, it will be clear how to proceed on with your business. Falling not so far off from the tree, you need to determine your local market needs. Without that research, you will not be able to understand the market and define what to offer and how to offer it. “This is really a key point; you have to really be clear about who you’re going to reach. Targeting is very important; and also how you’re going to position yourself.” Adding to Mr. Bilal’s words, know your competitors and define your SWOT analysis to fully comprehend your market sector.In addition to that, considering what your competitors are doing and how they do what they do is very crucial. Being well updated of your surrounding helps you widen your insight and scores you an advantage point.


Uniqueness; what the quality of your product/service defines. In order to label your offer as unique, determine your quality requirements. Delivery; “Promising [to deliver] what you have offered” is what will gain you the trust and loyalty of your customers. This will then help you see how you want to position your brand and yourself in the market. Remember, if you deliver what you promise, then you have gained the quality and uniqueness of your service.

Team. Family. Mr. Bilal pinpoints the importance of two types of circles that act as your family to achieve the success you aim; 1) Inner circle: First Family of co-workers and managers; 2) External circles: Second Family of clients. Creating a dedicated team and work environment can turn the tables around on success. “Reaching out to your customers” achieves you the impossible.


In the local market, Mr. Bilal believes that many methods of social media are available out there for any potential entrepreneur to enter into the market, services market in specific. By using the right social media channel, you can target your market precisely and gain yourself a place in the entrepreneurial world. For new joiners to the game, you may fail and fail and fail before you finally win and succeed. The key here is patience.


So be patient, be unique and deliver what you promise. There is always a place out there for you too. Just find the right window of opportunity and shine out.