Bahya Sanctuary – ‘Until all Allah’s creations are loved & respected.’ (slogan)

Who are you?

We are a non-profit Sanctuary located in Bahya. Bahya Sanctuary is focusing on humane education and animal rescue in the United Arab Emirates. We are currently housing over 70 cats, around 10 dogs, 5 donkeys, 2 ponies and 3 desert hedgehogs. It is our aim to educate about the Animal Welfare in the U.A.E. and to rescue and rehome animals.

Who is behind Bahya Sanctuary? 

The owner of Bahya Sanctuary is an Emirati-Turkish family. Having a huge passion for animals, they have offered their land as a safe home to so many animals. Three of our volunteers are constantly organizing events, updating the Facebook page, and rescuing animals all over the Emirates. We also have two care-takers, Paul and Albert, who are making sure that our animals are well taken care of.

We work hand in hand and everyone does what they are best at, it’s working out very well and we have grown to become a little family.

What happens at your Open Days?

Our Sanctuary is open to visitors every second Saturday of the month all year long. The Open days give people the opportunity to spend a fun day out at a farm, cuddling our dogs and cats and feeding our equines. Whether they miss their animals back home or they don’t have the time to have their own pets, we are giving people the opportunity to spend their afternoon with animals in a peaceful environment.

Children all ages are welcome.

Which one was your worst rescue story so far?

The worst dog we have rescued was an Alaskan Malamute at the beginning of December 2014. We have rescued many animals over the years, also very bad cases but this dog was definitely the worst.

The Alaskan Malamute – now called Snow was dumped by his owner in Dubai; by luck, two of our volunteers were in Dubai that night and picked him up. He was hours away from death, we thought he had already given up on life, with only 23kg, while a fully grown husky has around 40kg he was only half the weight he should be. He had thousands of ticks on him, so many that he did not have enough blood in his body anymore. It has taken us and the vets and nurses 6 days to remove all of them. After lots of treatment and blood transfusions Snow was allowed to leave the vets after a week and is now safe and happy at the Sanctuary. Thankfully many people read Snow’s story and helped us with his vet bills. Snow is now at the Sanctuary recovering and growing back his beautiful coat. We are hoping to find him a wonderful home in the future.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes we always need help around the Sanctuary, volunteers are more than welcome. We need people to help us keep our cats socialized and to increase their chance to get rehomed, to groom our equines, and there is always lots of work around the Sanctuary, it never gets boring.

We also offer students to do their voluntary work at the Sanctuary.

Bahya Sanctuary is also looking for photographers and videographers to take pictures of our Open Days and our animals.

We offer monthly voluntary introductions for new volunteers. For more information please visit our Facebook page.

Where exactly are you located and how can people find you?

We are about 5 minutes away from Deerfields Townsquare in between the Bahya Farms. On our Facebook page we have an album with a map, but you can also find us on Google map under ‘Bahya Sanctuary Abu Dhabi’.

What’ are your plans for the future?

Dog Socializing Days

In the future we will offer two monthly dog socializing days. We will have dog trainers attending the event in order to help people with their dogs.

An agility course will be set up for the 4 legged friends, sponsored by Waggie Box.

As there is no official dog walking locations in Abu Dhabi, it’s very difficult for people to socialize their dogs or let them run off leash in secure areas. Bahya Sanctuary is a fully fenced and safe farm and dogs are able to get used to different animals, people and situations. I personally think this will make a huge difference for dog owners in the UAE. As they get the chance to socialize their dogs and meet other dog owners with the same interest.

These doggy days will also give rescue organizations the opportunity to find homes for their foster dogs.

Humane Education for Students

In 2015 we are also starting humane education in schools and universities. School classes will be visiting our Sanctuary and learn about our rescue animals and the animal welfare in the United Arab Emirates. We believe that it is very important to teach our future compassion and love towards all of Allah’s creations.

You can find us on Facebook here.