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"Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can.” - Lowell Thomas An IBDP Graduate, studying BA Marketing at the Canadian University of Dubai, with passion for writing, socializing and entrepreneurship. My mission in life is to hold a career position where I have the ability to influence the world in an encouraging and insightful way.
Given the competitive nature of the job applications and interviews nowadays, we do realize the importance of leaving a great impression in the job interview in order to stand out and be unique in comparison to all the other...
Ramadan comes and goes every year; the month of daylight starvation and night time feasts, massive family gatherings, and an abundant amount of extra pounds on the waist line. It’s a month where the night turns into day and...
In today’s world, presentation skills have proven to be very vital across all job fields. Presenting information clearly and effectively is a challenge that many of us face and realize that we need to tackle it. Whether you’re a student,...

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