Coworkers are customarily significant people. These are the people you spend most of your time with. You can either give them hard time or enjoyable moment.

You have no idea what your colleagues are going through outside workplace. Try to accommodate them in every situation no matter what, you have absolutely no idea how their life can change dramatically when you help them – from words of encouragement to lending them your ears. Try to find out their obstacles and support them where you can with enthusiasm .

Workplace is their second home. Treat them with respect, honor and dignity. Like you want them to treat you.

It is common to experience rage, irritation and anxiety at work, but you have to manage your sentiments and be tolerant with your colleagues. If you burst and explode on them, their enthusiasm and morale will suffer and deteriorate. Communicate frankly with them and explore your feelings towards them. If they seem to be hard, try to discover the very root of the problem and approach it with a positive attitude and mind.

Don’t complain to your seniors about your colleagues. I strongly believe you can work things out if you really give it time and a positive mind. Go to that extra mile, take ownership of the problem and work through it. You really can.

When people are concerned about the welfare and protection of the people they work with, they will always be happy and stay focused and productive, things get done much faster without feeling a pinch.

When you have healthy work relationship with your colleagues, work is fun and enjoyable. Everyone looks ahead to interacting with other colleagues and this will lead to higher productivity and everyone benefits from this attitude and enthusiasm. Above all, they will constantly enjoy their stay at the workplace.