Some people either don’t like to travel in the summer or they simply can’t for various reasons. Here are 9 things to do to enjoy your summer without having to leave the country!

  1. Go to the beach

Obviously this is the first thing we all do when it comes to summer activities. Get a tan and just relax.

  1. Read books

Reading makes you travel to another world and visit many places with your mind. Yes I know it’s not exactly like actual travelling, but come on it’s the closest thing and you will enjoy it a lot!

  1. Join a club

Should it be a book club, sports club, music club, etc. Joining a club helps you make new friends as well as enjoy your time there.

  1. Take courses

I admit that’s my least favorite thing to do, but I can’t deny how useful it is to take a course of something you’ve always wanted to learn and improve yourself. You will thank yourself later on when it comes in handy along your career journey.

  1. Learn to play an instrument

Actually you can do that through the internet without spending any money. Many people upload videos on how to play a certain instrument for free. For instance, you can find many videos on YouTube.

  1. Write a novel

You can write your own novel and publish it. P.S: Don’t forget to send us the first copy!

  1. Explore new places in the country

If you can’t explore a new country, why not find out new places in the same country in which you’re living?

  1. Learn to cook

Cooking is actually fun. Learn new recipes and let your family members tell you what they think, but please don’t burn anything!

  1. Watch movies

I’m sure we all love watching movies with friends or our family.

Don’t forget to share with us your favorite things to do in the summer!