As soon as I was 18, I couldn’t wait to be 21. I wanted to immediately start my life in my 20’s as it had been painted so beautifully by society, they highlighted all the positives of growing up and I couldn’t wait to be independent- only later to be hit by reality. Here is a more realistic perspective of a 22 year old, which you may or may not agree with:

Travel the world

Let’s face it; your pay cheque is nothing like your dad’s. In fact it becomes hard to suffice in it for the whole month. A few shopping sprees, parties and dinner are all that you can afford and yes petrol money to travel to and from to work and home.

No one to tell you “no”

I actually counted the number of times I hear that in a day, and it’s exactly the same number as my age. Whoever said you get to control things and decide what you can do – lied to you. 

Setbacks don’t bother you as much as they used to

The number of rejections I faced in my 20’s is not even funny. From personal to professional life. The first few interviews are going to be disastrous. You might be serving tea to at least five families before actually finding the one you want to marry into. 20’s is the age of rejection. Embrace yourself for the storm! 

Eat whatever you want

I read this on several blogs and websites. No child, you don’t need to eat whatever you want ONLY in your 20s. You can eat whatever you want even in your 30s and 40s and it will only have the same effect on you. Fat in your 20s is the same as fat in your 30s – just saying. 

The adult status

Though we might be excited about the whole “adult status” it’s quite the opposite when we have it. Things can no longer be taken for granted – this is especially in reference to your bills. Good luck watching your salary disappear into thin air. 

Oh the relationships

Just in case you are dating and if you are, you are nothing less than a super hero. Wear your cape while you read this. Since you are in charge of everything in your twenties – even the trivial things have the tendency to occupy your mind space and you having the energy to handle a relationship is nothing short of a heroic act. Hats off.

You’d know exactly what to do

I call it the famous confusion. So you are done with school and now you no longer know whether you’d opt for your masters or get a job. If masters, what would you specialize in? And if you are taking up a job – everything looks tempting since every job pays you. 

You make crucial decisions of your life and you never know if you have made the right one. Every morning I wake up only to remember Robert Frost’s wise words:
“two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both…”

In the article above, I must have killed a million dreams (only if I had a million readers), but I’d tell you one thing which is absolutely true – In your 20s you get to be fearless in the face of risk and passionate about things you love the most and these two qualities make your life in your 20s absolutely beautiful.